SXSWi: Mobile Social Gaming: the next frontier / slides

Today, I was able to deliver a talk at SXSWi in Austin on my ever favourite subject of mobile social gaming, here for good measure dramatically enhanced and labelled the new frontier . Here are the slides to this:

Where Next?

First of all, a wonderful, inspiring, innovative, exciting and successful 2011 to you all!

With lots of conferences (and corresponding travel) coming up, I thought I’d let you know where you will find me in the next few weeks:

The list will certainly fill up some more really soon but, so far, that is some of the confirmed bits. Oh, and I plan a week of skiing in Andorra… 😉 So if you want to catch up, learn more about Scoreloop or just connect, give me a shout.

And, apparently if you are so inclined, this year you shouldn’t forget to follow the (white) rabbit!

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