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A few thoughts on improving learning outcomes & avoiding cognitive biases [video]

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When I was recently invited to give a talk at TEDx Education Barcelona, the good folks from the Open University of Catalunya interviewed my on my thoughts on how I would think data and analytics would impact education. Here’s the result… The full post is here:¬†http://openthoughts-analytics.blogs.uoc.edu/improving-learning-outcomes-avoiding-cognitive-biases/  


How Not To Do it: the Fallacy of Big Data & CRM (@slideshare @linkedin)

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So today I receive an email, subject line "your expertise is requested". The sender? Slideshare. Now, if you read this blog regularly (and, yes, I know that I haven’t been blogging muchly in recent times), you will know that I am an avid user of Slideshare. I have clocked up nigh 100,000 views with the various decks from my talks that I uploaded. So far, so good. It sounds quite right, doesn’t it? I am a regular (and early) user with a fair number of views. Sounds reasonable that the…read more


Beat(s) It: What’s Up, Apple?

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Hello again. I am writing to you whilst listening to Metronomy on Spotify streaming from my iPad Mini using a Bose headset. Musical zen, so to speak. Earlier, I had the whole thing running via my Denon RCD-N7 with the Airplay patch (but using Mordaunt-Short speakers). Life is good. Earlier today, I got my new iPhone 6. Spotify works on it. My Bose headphones fit into the headphone jack (but, why, of course). What is my gripe about then, you ask? Well, you see, I hold about 5 Apple shares…read more


Israel Mobile Summit

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How long have I been waiting? It must be a good 5 years since I have last touched down at Ben Gurion Airport. Alas, no more. Tomorrow evening, it will be time again, and how timely it is, too. The Israel Mobile Week is on, and there is tons of super-interesting stuff happening. MoMo Tel Aviv – one of the most active and well-run Mobile Monday chapters – is in full swing, the Israel Mobile Summit, Droidcon Tel Aviv, the Microsoft Ventures Demo Day of its 4th Israeli cohort plus…read more


Finding Money / 4YFN Barcelona [Slides]

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Back from another Mobile World Congress, which still seems to be growing. This year, the GSMA had introduced a smaller sibling to the main conference, which proved to be a lot more exciting (as far as I’m concerned at least), namely Four Years From Now (or better termed 4YFN) where I had had the immense pleasure of delivering a talk on “Finding Money”, which focussed on paths to finance your start-up. The slides, which I hope you will like, can be found here (for some reason I struggled to embed…read more


MWC: Barcelona, here we come (again)

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Barely a week to go and the masses shall descend unto the beautiful city of Barcelona for the annual gathering of mobile folks, which will, this year, be held for the second time at the slightly less cool "new" exhibition grounds. Alas, the organizers have realized that there is a lot to be had at the original grounds, i.e. the "true" fira and there are some uber-exciting events taking place there – and, yes, I have the great pleasure to be involved. So… The GSMA is launching a new entrepreneurship…read more