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Microsoft & Skype

Allegedly, this morning Microsoft will announce it will buy Skype for $8.5bn. It is Microsoft’s largest investment into the digital realm so far (and a nice cash-out for the people who bailed Skype out from eBay a while ago; the valuation at the time apparently was put at $2.75bn). Besides these being big numbers (and […]

Carnival of the Mobilists # 195

Chetan Sharma’s blog Always On Real-Time Access is this week’s host for the Carnival of the Mobilists. This week’s edition features posts looking at mobile and social networking, mobile application development, 5 reasons why mobile VoIP has (so far?) failed, another iteration looking into the shortfalls of mobile advertising to date, a presentation on concepts […]

T-Mobile, Nokia & Skype

Nokia’s deal with Skype did not go down too favourably with German carriers T-Mobile and Vodafone, and there had been threats that they would drop the respective Nokia devices (including the long-awaited hero handset N97) from their device roadmaps. Today, T-Mobile provided some “clarification” on the issue: according to a spokesperson, T-Mobile apparently wants to […]

3 with dedicated Skypephone

Hutchison’s 3 has had a Skype service under its X-Series for a while now but they have now announced the launch of a dedicated Skypephone, which they developed jointly with Qualcomm (to make use of some specific CDMA features) and Skype and which has dedicated Skype buttons. It is said to being produced by Chinese […]