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Orange UK: Mobile Broadband Roars!

Orange UK, one of the large carriers in the country with 15.8m mobile subscribers, has released its “Fifth Digital Media Index”, containing a set of interesting numbers on the data uptake on their network, and it makes for intriguing reading! The carrier recorded a whopping 4,125% (!) increase in data use over dongles using their […]

Blyk's CEO speaks

I post on Blyk, and the next day its CEO rushes to give an interview… Was he upset about what he read and unleashed a PR storm to rescue his company to fight sentiment of the blogosphere? Perhaps, perhaps not. Well, maybe not. On the merits, there is nothing dramatically new but it is worth […]

Blyk gets money

I know I have been depriving you lately (the day-job demanding more of my nightly attention than I would like) but this is remarkable: Blyk, the ad-funded MVNO, which I have covered previously (here and here), raised – financial crisis or not – a rather substantial amount from its existing investors, namely €40m (which apparently translates […]

O2 gets iPhone in UK – good or bad?

“US customer satisfaction is off the charts”. These were the words of Steve Jobs on the iPhone, adding he was keen to bring this to UK consumers as well. Now, he would say that, wouldn’t he? The lucky (!?) operator to grab it is O2 UK. Why? “We got to pick the carrier that felt […]