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"Recession? Where?" Asks the Smartphone…

I previously looked at recession-busting sectors and products, and here’s more proof that not all is bad: two reports point out that smartphones continue to outperform the market rather significantly, recording growth figures of 25.9% year-on-year in Europe; the growth for all of 2007 vs 2008 was even more impressive: they grew by 36.1%. In […]

T-Mobile shuts the door on Nokia's Ovi… Or did it?

Funny little press reports today tell us that T-Mobile “ditched” Nokia handsets that are capable of supporting the Finnish giant’s Ovi (Finnish for door) multimedia portal. The German originator of these news is slightly more cautious: they also report that T-Mobile denied this and merely point out that T-Mobile has less Nokia phones on offer […]

But waiter, please, I did not order this (SMS)…

Now, this has been puzzling me for years: the US carrier policy (I am not sure how many still do it) of charging the recipient of a text message for that message. How odd is that? You sit in a restaurant, the waiter brings you a bottle of wine that you did not order. You […]

German iPhone exclusive again…

German carrier T-Mobile today scored a victory against competitor Vodafone: the court declared that the exclusive deal the carrier struck with Apple over the distribution of the iPhone, the coveted darling of mobile fashionistas, in Germany. The court ruled that it could not find a violation of German competition or anti-trust laws. Vodafone had invoked […]

Vodafone Germany envious of T-Mobile's iPhone deal?

German news reports say that Vodafone Germany has sued T-Mobile over its exclusive iPhone arrangement with Apple. Vodafone challenges the “combo” of iPhone and a 2-year-contract and asserts that this might be contrary to fair competition laws. Vodafone Germany’s chief describes the iPhone as the “fall of man”, which is pretty funny, come to think […]