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Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001-2010 / Infographic

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Nice infographic from the good folks over at Visionmobile on the largest handset OEM of the last 10 years (by volume of handsets – not market cap, margins or anything else, OK?). And if the numbers are right, RIM and Apple became “mainstream” in 2010 for the first time, Nokia hangs on to its #1 spot with some 150m  (!) units ahead of #2 (but on what handsets and for how much longer?), Samsung keeps charging, and, oh, does anyone remember Siemens? No, thought so…  


Social Gaming Summit (Slides)

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of delivering a talk at the Social Gaming Summit in London (which was fun even though it was at Chelsea FC…). Given that the audience was fairly clued up on all things social, I was focusing a little more on the mobile side of things – highlighting market sizes, roll-out speeds and platform risks (and opportunities!). Here’s the deck, I hope you enjoy it: Conquering new spaces 20101110 View more presentations from Volker Hirsch.


Handset Rankings: Apple moving up

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Both Gartner and IDC have recently published their handset rankings for Q3/2010, and both have Apple moving into the #4 spot globally. That is impressive, as this is not measuring smartphones but all phones, and it is not measuring North America and Western Europe but the world. In Smartphone-only terms, Apple has leapfrogged RIM into the #2 slot. On a platform-basis, Apple’s iOS is now #3 behind Symbian and Android but ahead of RIM’s proprietary Blackberry OS. Interestingly, IDC has the rankings identically but the market shares of the leading…read more


The Mobile Landscape: It will all change. Or will it?

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Recently, previously civilized and subtle top executives of the world’s big mobile handset makers took the gloves off and became, well, a little more outspoken. What sticks from this is, of course, always only the most figurative snippets. Because all of these esteemed people have the most vested of all vested interests, their statements tend to distort reality a little. And because of that, we have increasingly lively debates at hand. But, alas, these debates may not necessarily lead to enlightenment. So I thought I undertake a little mapping exercise…read more


Conference: Droidcon, London

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On 28 and 29 October 2010, Droidcon London will open its doors again, exploring in multiple tracks the Android ecosystem. Business, Developer, Design or SDK/API – there will be something for everyone involved or interested in the fastest growing mobile OS (and associated ecosystems) at the moment. For the main conference on Friday, the speaker line-up promises a lot of learnings and insights. I will be there telling people on how to make money on Android (hint: yes, it will involve Scoreloop‘s tools… ;-)). But you should also come and…read more


Top 10 Mobile Phones November 2009

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The Swedish maker of accessories for mobile phones, Krusell, has been silent since August or so but they now came back with a bang and published the numbers of the top 10 selling phones derived from their accessory sales for both October and November 2009 in quick succession. I am only giving you the November positions (hint: the October ones are in brackets). It goes like this: 1.(1) Apple iPhone 3G2.(-) Nokia 3720 Classic3.(8) Nokia 6303 Classic4.(-) Nokia E525.(2) Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 6.(-) HTC HD27.(-) Nokia E718.(-) Sony Ericsson Naite9.(6)…read more


Conference: Symbian Exchange & Exhibition

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The conference formerly known as Symbian Smartphone Show (or something along those lines) is back this year as the Symbian Exchange & Exhibition (or SEE09). It kicks off this Tuesday in London’s Earl’s Court Exhibition Grounds and boasts a rather impressive line-up: Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder and one of TIME’s 100 most influential people) will be the headliner. There will be keynotes and panels with senior executives from the world’s leading vendors and carriers, including Nokia, IBM, Sony Ericsson, NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, as well as application…read more