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A New Thing: Emerge Venture Lab

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Some of you might have seen it (OK, most won’t have) but I have a couple of new gigs going, one of which is Emerge Venture Lab‘s Emerge Education programme. It launched last week in style on L39 in Canary Wharf (yes, we were looking at you, you bankers). Be it as it may, I am now a Venture Partner there. And I am thrilled to be there. Swanky title, you say, what else? Here’s what: Emerge merged (oooh) a couple of rather sweet things into one coherent offering, namely:…read more


The Economics of Apps (slides) – ForumOxford 15 Oct 2010

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I had had the wonderful opportunity to address ForumOxford’s Future of Technologies conference at the University of Oxford yesterday, an event brought to life by Tomi Ahonen and Ajit Jaokar, and that is proving year after year as a fantastic forum for discussion, learning and networking. The following are the slides to my talk there (yes, I kept the title image of a previous one I held but the deck it is a new one nonetheless). I hope you will enjoy it. Economics of Apps – University of Oxford, 15…read more


ForumOxford Conference on Mobile Apps & Technologies

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Next week, on 15 October 2010, there will be the fantastic opportunity to bask in the glory of Oxford University and attend what many say is one of THE outstanding conferences in the mobile space, namely the University of Oxford’s Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference 2010. I will be speaking as will James Elles, MEP and folks from Vodafone, IBM, Edelman and many more, including some of the most eminent analysts and strategists of the mobile space. The conference prides itself that it does not deliver any sales pitches, and…read more