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Empowered Media, Mobile and why @mashable is Wrong

Mashable founder & CEO Peter Cashmore (who I hugely respect) declared in his recent CNN column the death of privacy and has also found the culprit, i.e he spotted social media hold the smoking gun. With all due respect, this could not be further from the truth (although, to be fair to him, he really […]

AR: the next acronym to watch out for?

AR stands for Augmented Reality and it is one of the dreams of game developers: merge the virtual and real worlds in a game and explore new horizons. This has been a pretty futuristic feature until recently: shown off at trade shows but never really seeing the (commercial) limelight. And even in the brave new […]

Orange UK: Mobile Broadband Roars!

Orange UK, one of the large carriers in the country with 15.8m mobile subscribers, has released its “Fifth Digital Media Index”, containing a set of interesting numbers on the data uptake on their network, and it makes for intriguing reading! The carrier recorded a whopping 4,125% (!) increase in data use over dongles using their […]

Twistbox on the money

Twistbox has announced it has raised a healthy $19.5m from ValueAct Capital (rather secretive firm: you require a user name and password even for accessing the “overview” section of their site) and “other strategic investors”. It also announced that former Vodafone Global content supremo Graeme Ferguson has joined its board of directors. Twistbox was the […]

Crazy numbers: mobile marketing worth $19bn by 2011?

According to ABI Research, mobile marketing will be worth a staggering $11bn by 2011. Apparently, by the end of this year, it will already be a rather honourable $3bn market. Now, I don’t have the means (or inclination) to buy the underlying report but at least they divulge that the amount is to include proceeds […]