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Apps for Good: Future Learning (or learning the future?)

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Here’s an initiative to whom a shout-out is long overdue: the good people from Apps for Good have been working with children in schools on making apps. They provide a framework through which children learn everything from concept and market research to design and execution. And some of them then go ahead and publish the results in the wide world of Google Play (check for instance the formidable team from Mount Grace School in Hertfordshire whose “Social Bank” app that helps you to achieve saving what you crave most. Go…read more


Mobile Gaming Whitepaper (and Event)

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So I had recently the honour (and joy) to participate in a whitepaper on mobile gaming that the good folks of Video Games Intelligence commissioned as a backdrop for their Mobile Gaming Europe conference. It is freely available here (though you need to register your details) and it is – needless to say – eminently worthwhile your attention… 😉 The conference itself will be on 20/21 November in London and is looking promising (even if you want to ignore my very own wisdoms). They assembled a speaker line-up that is…read more


Education anyone?

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Hello stranger, it’s been a while. So let’s talk a little about education, shall we? And because this is a blog (remotely) focused on the tech side of things, let’s (also) talk about that side of it. Recent news in the UK made me think about this a little more than I normally do already (bear in mind I am a parent of two and a governor of the Fallibroome Academy, a high-achieving 11-18 comprehensive school). Education is what drives enlightening. Big words but they are true (and sometimes even…read more