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The Power of Platforms

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Mary Meeker has just released her almost iconic annual “Internet Trend” report. In it (on slide 7), she points out that 88% of the smartphone OS share is now “made in USA”. Now, this might be good for the patriotic US soul but it signifies a much more important thing and that is the shift from carrier control to platform control. If you are an EU politician, you may lament that the current winners are from North America, but the fundamental shift does not actually depend on it (there will…read more


Carnival of the Mobilists # 260

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As per usual, another week, another carnival (if things were only like this in real life, too…). This week’s edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists is being hosted by the formidable Antoine RJ Wright, and it is full of goodies. He is featuring: Not one but two posts on BlackBerry (and I have no involvement in either; cf. my About Me page for disclaimers), one looking at its (apparently) impending death and offering advice on how to fix it and one looking at its (apparently) robust health despite recent…read more


Facebook’s IPO with no mobile revenues

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So here’s the mother of all IPOs then, and it was coming a long way. The web was buzzing, today analysts of any couleur are commenting and reading through the fine print of Facebook’s registration statement (known as the S-1) in order to find valuable nuggets of information that they had not had before and myriads of bloggers and journalists drool over the new wave of young wealthy people in the Valley. No mobile revenue Whilst I’d love to join into this frenzy, I want to focus on one point…read more


So social lost its sizzle, huh?

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Happy new year, everyone! (that is, if you are inclined to follow that particular calendar…) Have you, like me, been reading some of the predictions on what is and what is not going to happen this year? What buzzwords to remember, which ones to avoid? What to focus at, where to “pivot” to, what to ignore? One of the predictions I read was that social media has lost its sizzle. Markets saturated with products, failed to live up to the lofty ideas of monetising it, done, begone… Now that is,…read more


This week: NY Games Conference

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This week, I will have the great pleasure to attend (and speak) at the NY Games Conference. If you are on the East Coast and into games, this is where you need to be. Join us! It’s worth it. There are speakers from: Ubisoft Samsung Majesco Entertainment Yesware Sony Computer Entertainment TAG Strategic (yes, Ted, the man himself!) Freeverse Greystripe Badgeville OnLive Atari EA Sports OpenFeint GameHouse/Real Sulake (of Habbo Hotel fame) Ogmento CBS Interactive Fremantle Wedbush (Michael Pachter himself!) Tapjoy RockYou Hi5 (yes, Alex St John will be there…read more


Mobile Games Publishing in 2011

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I have been blogging way too little recently, so here’s – finally – a bigger one again. What is a Publisher? I have recently been asked more and more what the role of a publisher in mobile gaming is today. I mean, heck, there are now even websites proclaiming the (traditional) publishers’ death. On the other hand, venerable old and ruthless new ones are on a spending spree acquiring – seemingly – studios and smaller publishers by the dozen: In the past year or so, EA gobbled up Playfish, Chillingo…read more