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Microsoft & Skype

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Allegedly, this morning Microsoft will announce it will buy Skype for $8.5bn. It is Microsoft’s largest investment into the digital realm so far (and a nice cash-out for the people who bailed Skype out from eBay a while ago; the valuation at the time apparently was put at $2.75bn). Besides these being big numbers (and allowing Skype not having to worry about an IPO anymore), this opens an opportunity for a new kind of animal in the communications corner of things. And here is why: Microsoft is legendarily late to…read more


Carnival of the Mobilists # 243

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This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is up at Andy Farrell’s MobiThinking blog, and it’s a big one this time. Andy assembled intriguing posts from contributors old and – more importantly – new, including pieces on: Mobile music Phones to improve health How mobile operators struggle to own the social graph an interview with the MMA’s Michael Becker on brands and consumers mobile commerce and fragmentation smartphone platforms (posts on Nokia/Symbian, Android and Windows Phone 7) and, finally, also my post on the thorny path for movie licenses on the…read more


The Mobile Landscape: It will all change. Or will it?

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Recently, previously civilized and subtle top executives of the world’s big mobile handset makers took the gloves off and became, well, a little more outspoken. What sticks from this is, of course, always only the most figurative snippets. Because all of these esteemed people have the most vested of all vested interests, their statements tend to distort reality a little. And because of that, we have increasingly lively debates at hand. But, alas, these debates may not necessarily lead to enlightenment. So I thought I undertake a little mapping exercise…read more


What matters: Handsets or Packages?

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It is this time again: my phone contract comes up for renewal. And – as anyone who is following this blog will know (to recap, look here), I have not been all too happy with the treatment I got from O2 UK. So today I started looking around. Given my rather fat tariff requirements, carriers normally throw in all sorts of goodies (scil. free handsets), so started there. I have an iPhone 4 and a Nexus One already, so started to see what else is out there, as there are:…read more


Conference: OSiM (London)

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If you are in London (or looking for a rather compelling excuse to come over), you should visit OSiM (short for “Open Source in Mobile” next week. Opening its doors at Olympia on 19 and 20 October (i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday), it boasts an impressive line-up, including speakers from: Telstra Virgin Mobile USA ST-Ericsson France Telecom Texas Instruments Turkcell etc, etc The good folks from WIPJam will run one of their famous Un-Panels, too! I will be on a panel of bloggers and analysts and looking at “How web service…read more