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Carnival of the Mobilists # 256

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A new year, a new carnival (which will returned to weekly editions now, too). This week’s edition is hosted by Mark Bridges over at thefonecast.com, and he includes posts, such as: Lots of reminiscing on the past year (on mobile marketing, the greater scope of the mobile landscape and – albeit in Spanish – a reminder of a joke from all the way back in 2004 when someone suggested in April Fools’ fashion that Apple – hold your breath – might launch a phone bypassing traditional network operators). Of course…read more


Carnival of the Mobilists # 249

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{EAV_BLOG_VER:7087d177951b0507} Remember one of the most wonderful resources for mobile bloggers? yes, it is the Carnival of the Mobilists and this month’s version is live now! It is a best of digest of May’s mobile-related blogs. This month, there are some real goodies! You will find: GoSub60’s Sean Thompson musing the question of whether to “go free”; James Coops from MobyAffiliates looking at the commercial opportunities of – you may have guessed – mobile affiliate marketing; Mobile marketing veteran Russell Buckley looks at mobile couponing as the next billion dollar…read more


ForumOxford Conference on Mobile Apps & Technologies

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Next week, on 15 October 2010, there will be the fantastic opportunity to bask in the glory of Oxford University and attend what many say is one of THE outstanding conferences in the mobile space, namely the University of Oxford’s Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference 2010. I will be speaking as will James Elles, MEP and folks from Vodafone, IBM, Edelman and many more, including some of the most eminent analysts and strategists of the mobile space. The conference prides itself that it does not deliver any sales pitches, and…read more


Carnival of the Mobilists # 222

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Here it is, the May Bank Holiday edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists. For those not in the know: it is a weekly write-up of the best and brightest in the world of mobile-(related) blogging and is being hosted each week on another blog; this week it’s me… 😉 The easiest way to follow the Carnival every week is to subscribe to the Twitter stream of the formidable Peggy Anne Salz. So here’s what this week has in stock for you: James Coops from Mobyaffiliates provides us with an…read more