Leap Motion: First Impressions

I signed up for the pre-order of the Leap Motion controller ages ago. And, of course, it must arrive whilst I was on vacation… But, hey, it’s here now and since I was asked by a couple of friends to provide them with my thoughts, this is my first ever product review. A few words […]

Humanities and the (Global) Silicon Valley

So… this is something I have been carrying around with me for a while. A long while. The thing is this: the Zuckerbergs, Pages, Jobs (may he rest in peace) and all those other rockstars from the valley generally missed (and, unfortunately, still do miss) one thing, and that is a decent ethical compass. Now, […]

Big Data is Awesome. Or it is Not.

Only a few quick thoughts after inspiring days… Big data has opened a lot of channels (and, no, not only to the NSA). The computation of vast amounts of information has incredible opportunities – quite literally the stuff movies are made of, right? And, of course, this means that there are both insanely awesome as […]

Event: Start-Up Grind Los Angeles

If you’re in Los Angeles this week, I would urge you to come over to the Startup Grind Meetup on Wednesday night where my good friend (and exceptional speaker) Robert Tercek will give a keynote. It is bound to be full of enlightening stuff about the future of media & technology (he’s been there and done that […]

Event: ICT Spring Luxembourg

Are you in Luxembourg and not involved in either counting money or European law? Then I would urge you to come along to ICT Spring, the conference that will take place next week. it is a widely varied agenda. I’ll be speaking on a panel on “How Games are Impacting the Global Social and Business […]

Oh America, where art thou?

I am pretty angry, America (OK, American government; that is)! What on earth are you doing? (oh, and hello, NSA, thanks for checking in). Let me open with Plato (Laws): “Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of the state, in my view, is not […]