Month: February 2014

Finding Money / 4YFN Barcelona [Slides]

Back from another Mobile World Congress, which still seems to be growing. This year, the GSMA had introduced a smaller sibling to the main conference, which proved to be a lot more exciting (as far as I’m concerned at least), namely Four Years From Now (or better termed 4YFN) where I had had the immense pleasure of delivering a talk on “Finding Money”, which focussed on paths to finance your start-up. The slides, which I hope you will like, can be found here (for some reason I struggled to embed the deck this time).

MWC: Barcelona, here we come (again)

Barely a week to go and the masses shall descend unto the beautiful city of Barcelona for the annual gathering of mobile folks, which will, this year, be held for the second time at the slightly less cool "new" exhibition grounds. Alas, the organizers have realized that there is a lot to be had at the original grounds, i.e. the "true" fira and there are some uber-exciting events taking place there – and, yes, I have the great pleasure to be involved. So…

The GSMA is launching a new entrepreneurship conference this year, called "4 Years from Now" (with the very snazzy website – I’m jealous!). I will be giving a talk on "Finding Money" (OK, the official title they gave it is a little more technical but, as a hint, it is what I’ll show).

The eternal fan favourite WIPJam moved along, too. They are cooperating with the GSMA to bring a vastly expanded program stretching a full 3 days. And I will be facing the awesome challenge to moderate an Unpanel on "Games & Gamification".

Now, add to all this the overall buzz, etc.: why wouldn’t you come and join us? 😉

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